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The SBS gathers together the Swiss professional and amateur botanists. The society enables the exchange of skills and promotes the botanical research in Switzerland. Additional key aspects are the commitment for field botany and the conservation of the flora and its habitat.more

Image: Matthew J. Thomas, stock.adobe.commore
  • Saxifraga oppositifolia
  • Geum reptans
  • Eritrichium nanum
  • Ranunculus alpestris
  • Pinus cembra
  • Saxifraga oppositifoliaImage: F. Gugerli1/5
  • Geum reptansImage: F. Gugerli2/5
  • Eritrichium nanumImage: F. Gugerli3/5
  • Ranunculus alpestrisImage: F. Gugerli4/5
  • Pinus cembraImage: F. Gugerli5/5


Swiss Botanical Society (SBG)